Why do Timeshare Owners Need Cyria Group?

Cyria Group is a business dedicated to the protection of the timeshare industry, without compromising individual timeshare owners. Timeshare has helped give millions of families the opportunity to travel and vacation, with recent studies showing over 80% of owners are satisfied with their timeshare memberships. Although timeshare is a great tool when being used and enjoyed,  it may become a real burden when a timeshare owner finds themselves in a situation where they are no longer using it but are still stuck paying maintenance fees. We believe that timeshare owners should have the right to gracefully exit their timeshare, and that the exit does not have to damage the timeshare industry in the process. Cyria Group is committed to finding viable timeshare exit strategies that work for the entire industry, especially for the consumers that support it.


Cyria Group is an organization willing and passionate about making a difference. Too often, people have become stuck with a timeshare they cannot or do not wish to use anymore.  They come to the stark realization that they are obligated to continue paying maintenance fees on their unused timeshare, with little or no assistance available to them – until now! Cyria Group Inc. and their resort partners provide dynamic, effective, and guaranteed solutions for all timeshare owners.