CRDA Mission / Affiliations

Mission Statement

  1. To promote high standards of ethical conduct and professionalism throughout the industry.
  2. To assist in resolving consumer complaints that involve CRDA Members.
  3. To consult with all levels of Canadian government to ensure fair and equitable operational, taxation and industry advancement policies that govern both our Members and consumers.
  4. To work on behalf of CRDA Members to promote a better understanding of Vacation Ownership by the public, the media and governments;
  5. To encourage the beneficial expansion of the Vacation Ownership industry.


CRDA is closely aligned with these industry associations:

  •  ARDA: – American Resort Development Association (Some of the material in our website appears with the kind permission of ARDA. We are grateful for their contribution to our website and to the global vacation ownership industry.)
  • AIRDA – All India Resort Development Association
  • AMDETUR – Mexican Resort Development Association
  • CARE – Co-Operative Association of Resort Exchangers
  • CRFA – Canadian Resort & Food Services Association
  • HAC – Hotel Association of Canada
  • NTOA – National Timeshare Owners Association
  • RDO – Resort Development Organisation

CRDA is one of the original signatories to “GATE” (The Global Alliance for Timeshare Excellence), a multinational organization dedicated to furthering our industry and establishing reasonable legislation in territories throughout the world. To learn more about GATE click here

Source: Canadian Resort Development Association

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