Jack W.

We purchased our timeshare at the Thunderbird Resort Club about 30 years ago.In the first 20 years, we only used it maybe 3 times as we were very busy working! Last ten years we were able to use it more often. We also noticed how the Maintenance Fees kept rising up They started at $380.00 […]

Warren T.

We purchased our timeshares about 15 years ago for family vacations. We were able to use it quite often in the beginning. The Maintenance Fees kept rising up however and it became expensive to use. We stopped going as often and didn’t want to burden our daughters with it so we tried to get rid […]

Mary F.

We went on a sales presentation and purchased our timeshare in 1990 using it fairly regularly at the home resort but only used it once or twice in the last ten years. When we went on an information session to learn more on how to use it they tried to sell us even more, sending […]

Sandra F.

Thank you very much for your direction and support in settling this process for our 4 timeshare deeds with Carriage Hills and Carriage Ridge. Your efforts in encouraging me not to give up really made a difference. Everything in your tender care worked so well especially over the last 4 months of emails and paperwork to […]

Matt and Julie McCarthy

  My wife and I recently used Cyria Group to terminate our timeshare agreement and were extremely pleased with the company and the results. Cyria managed the entire process seamlessly and made it very easy for us. Their expertise and client focused attention to details made it a pleasure to deal with them. We would […]

William Campbell

Thank you for all the help in getting our timeshare transferred, it was a bit overwhelming and not free of concern through it all but was relieved when done. Thank you again for your expertise and care. William and Catherine Campbell

Gwen T.

We purchased our timeshare in Las Vegas 20 years ago and used it frequently to go back there. We never used the RCI system, It soon became too expensive! The Maintenance Fees kept rising up. It started at $400.00 and ended up at $1,805.00 with the exchange rate! The children didn’t want it either We […]

Christine G.

Ocean Key Resort About 10 years ago now we purchased our timeshare in Virginia Beach . We originally purchased it to travel with our family, but we ended up only using it maybe four or five times The Maintenance Fees kept rising up and with the exchange fee and the exchange on the dollar, it […]

Festiva Adventure Club

Rejean P. We went on one of those presentations 17 years ago, and purchased a timeshare to take our family on some nice vacations. We used it yearly, as we had felt it would be the least expensive route because we were a member but later discovered it wasn’t any savings! We soon discovered that […]

Robert P. : “Lawyers & Fees Made Us Sell”

Throughout our ten year timeshare ownership with Club Cranberry in Collingwood we experienced a lot of trouble and hassle trying to get availability there, which was the main reason for our purchase.We were often given the wrong size of unit to what we had booked which was a huge problem when our friends came with […]