Festiva Adventure Club

Rejean P.

We went on one of those presentations 17 years ago, and purchased a timeshare to take our family on some nice vacations.

We used it yearly, as we had felt it would be the least expensive route because we were a member but later discovered it wasn’t any savings! We soon discovered that we could get the same thing for less money than our Maintenance Fees were without the financial and other obligations!

Our children didn’t want it either, with 20 plus years left on it and the Maintenance Fees going up it would have been somewhere around $60,000.00 plus to continue with it!

We did try to get out of it before without any luck and even upgraded to the Points system hoping that would help but those just cost more money to upgrade and more money to use as we needed more points to get where we wanted to go to.

We were so glad to finally find a reputable company like The Cyria Group working for us that actually did get us out of it! Now it feels great to be out of it forever!

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