Gisele P.

After having used our Timeshares to travel as much as we could and going places where we never thought we could go, as we were getting older and having health issues which kept us from travelling as much, we decided it was time for us to do something about our timeshares.  Our children did not want them so as we were owners, it meant that we left our timeshare in our will.  We were sure that this would have been a big problem for our children.  Having been contacted by Cyria Group and meeting with them, we decided to part with our timeshares.  It took more than a year to complete the transaction.  At times, we thought that we were taken by this company, it was a scam or something like that.  On the other hand, we were kept informed on the procedure, the different steps that needed to go through to finalize the transaction.  After 1 year and 3 months from the time we signed our timeshare over to Cyria Group, we were informed that our two units were sold.  We were very happy to hear that.  We are done and over with our timeshares.  Someone else can enjoy having them.  We certainly did.  Thank you Cyria Group.

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