Mary F.

We went on a sales presentation and purchased our timeshare in 1990 using it fairly regularly at the home resort but only used it once or twice in the last ten years.

When we went on an information session to learn more on how to use it they tried to sell us even more, sending in the next level of authority when the first level couldn’t get our business.

With the Maintenance Fees rising upwards, the US dollar exchange and the extra fees for the damage a hurricane did we started to see if we could get rid of it. I looked into the different ways of trying to get out of it but no one was interested. Kijii even had them listed for a penny and they were not moving at all!

We were very skeptical when we agreed with the transfer process through the Cyria Group and took a leap of Faith in moving forward with it.

The process was very positive and the Cyria Group always followed up in a timely fashion.

We were so relieved and so happy when it came through.

It takes awhile, ours took a year, but the way we thought of it was that at least in 5 years we would of broke even and it would be all done with. It’s worth the time and money to be completely rid of it.

We would highly recommend the Cyria Group to anyone trying to get out of their timeshares.

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