Nancy L.

While on vacation in Las Vegas some 20 years ago we purchased our timeshares when they were under a different name and soon after they went bankrupt! Even though we had a receipt of payment they transferred to a different company and we had to pay all over again to keep them. In that 20 years we only used them maybe 6 times! It became such a nightmare.

The Maintenance Fees kept rising up They started at $300.00 and ended up at $2,000.00 with the exchange rate!

We were not going to leave that financial burden to our children and tried to get out of them through the developer. They had absolutely no interest in helping us or letting us out.

Thank goodness we found the Cyria Group.

We were so relieved and so happy when it came through!

Our lawyer now recommends to clients that they use the Cyria Group’s system for effectiveness.

Although it costs money to get out of timeshares, it’s worth it. At least you know you will be done with it and it will be over.

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