Sally R. : “A Big Thank You”

Name: Sally R. Occupation: Retired Timeshare Owned: Island Links (Hilton Head), South Carolina, USA Reason for getting out: Didn’t want to carry the responsibility on her own Testimonial: I would like to thank the Cyria Group, and especially you Patricia, for helping me through the process of divesting myself of my timeshare. You offered personalized service and “held my […]

William J.: “The Resort Wouldn’t Sell It”

We were only able to use our timeshare maybe three times on exchanges in total over the ten years we owned it. We purchased it thinking we would get back there for holidays but never got back! It was getting so expensive to use, we had another timeshare in Vermont we were using, the maintenance […]

James S.

We purchased our timeshare about 25 years ago to make me take a holiday Our family used it at least every other year initially and then we upgraded to annually going to the different resorts. We also used  RCI for trading elsewhere, being mindful of planning well ahead to make it work or we would […]

Barbara S.

Our timeshare was purchased  over 20 years ago now to have a place to go to as well as visit other locations too. We used it mainly for exchanges to other locations with the children but the extensive amount and cost of the fees involved  kept going up. The value of our ownership decreased greatly […]

Victoria T.

We went on one of those presentations 20 plus years ago and feeling the pressure, we purchased a timeshare. We only used it 6 or 7 times in that whole time. We booked a cruise though it expecting it to be the least expensive route because we were a member but later discovered it wasn’t […]

Shirley S.

We wanted to try to vacation more often and so we purchased our timeshare about ten years ago. We used it frequently to go to different locations with. It became increasingly expensive to travel with and the fees kept going up! The children didn’t want it and we were not making use of it so […]

Gerard N.

We purchased our timeshare for its flexibility, close location, and option to exchange out to other locations. Over the 15 years we owned it we were able to make use of it almost every year by using the exchanges and the RCI Extra cash Vacations. When it became not as easy to travel anymore and […]