While we were on a timeshare exchange in Westgate in Orlando, we purchased our week at that location anticipating we would use it regularly since our young children enjoyed visiting the Disney facility nearby.  This worked well for a few years, but our visits became less frequent as the children got older and we ended up paying the increasingly higher annual maintenance fees without using our week, and exchanges into our desired locations were not usually available …. all in all, not a good long-term proposition!
After a number of false starts with companies that promised results with helping us unload this timeshare at Westgate, we were extremely lucky to have learned of your organization, the Cyria Group, from mutual friends.  We are so pleased that this came about and that with your help, in less than a year the process of getting out of the commitment to Westgate was accomplished successfully.  This has been a huge relief, especially knowing that we will no longer be throwing good money after bad, each year!
We will definitely recommend the Cyria Group if we come to know of anyone who needs this assistance.
Thank you once again, Glenda for your help, and for keeping in touch throughout the process until the transfer was completed.
Best regards, T.H
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