Robert P. : “Lawyers & Fees Made Us Sell”

Throughout our ten year timeshare ownership with Club Cranberry in Collingwood we experienced a lot of trouble and hassle trying to get availability there, which was the main reason for our purchase.We were often given the wrong size of unit to what we had booked which was a huge problem when our friends came with us and we all were expecting a two bedroom condo and they gave us a one bedroom or a hotel room.

When I had to have a knee replacement it hindered our vacations. The maintenance fees had doubled in that time since our original purchase and our children had absolutely no interest in owning it. There was also the $300.00 fee we had to pay every three years for upgrading the units at Cranberry. It became such an expensive hassle we decided to sell it.

Unfortunately we spent another $10,000.00 plus trying to get out of it with 3-4 different companies that were just a scam! One company even had the nerve to tell us they had sold it and for us and for us to enter our bank account information so they could  deposit the $ 1,500.00 into our account. What they did was even worse; they took the $1,500.00 out of our account instead of putting it in!

I had to go through the costly and timely process of getting a lawyer to get it back. We feel a lot better now that the Cyria Group got us legally out of it.

We would highly recommend the Cyria Group to anyone looking to get out of their timeshares.

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